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Surveying Seniors

Tips for Surveying an Aging Population

The “over 65 years of age” bracket is one of the fastest growing demographic segments in the country and will be for some time. And while health care is a big spend category for this audience, their contribution also affects many other sectors of the economy. Seniors are and will be, important customers for businesses of… Read More»

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Survey Success Begins with Sample Management

Whatever the type of survey research you’re doing, your success is entirely dependent on your sample. Whether you purchase sample or work with a client-provided list, the more productive your sample, the more profitable your project will be. To do this, you need efficient processes and systems in place to ensure proactive sample management. Let’s… Read More»

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I Give My Heart to Survey Software

Without you, I couldn’t get a pulse on what people think. The phones would be hung up as fast as you can blink. My research insights could become erratic and weak. And, it would be difficult to get the right respondent to speak. How could I ever meet a quota of 100 men with 3… Read More»

Market Research

Survox Appoints New VP of Engineering to Drive Voice-based CX Feedback Automation

Survox is excited to announce Khozema Ujjainwala, formerly with Verint Systems, has joined the company’s senior leadership team to speed the development of new voice-based data solutions. As VP of Engineering, Khozema will oversee the evolution of the company’s interactive voice response (IVR) and computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) software as well as the development of… Read More»

Survox News

Net Neutrality and TCPA Possible Candidates for Reform

As is customary with a change of US Executive Branch administration, the current FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler will be stepping down in January. Soon to follow, two FCC director positions will come up for appointment in May. The remaining two positions will be up for appointment within the next four years, giving president-elect Trump the… Read More»

Political Polling

A New Day for the TCPA?

If you field or sponsor phone-based research studies to gauge customer satisfaction, customer experience (CX), or voter sentiment in the US, you already know that complying with the Telephone Consumer Protections Act (TCPA) of 1993 impacts efficiency and effectiveness. Among the many components of the TCPA, the act states that “an automatic telephone dialing system… Read More»

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