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Net Neutrality and TCPA Possible Candidates for Reform

As is customary with a change of US Executive Branch administration, the current FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler will be stepping down in January. Soon to follow, two FCC director positions will come up for appointment in May. The remaining two positions will be up for appointment within the next four years, giving president-elect Trump the… Read More»

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A New Day for the TCPA?

If you field or sponsor phone-based research studies to gauge customer satisfaction, customer experience (CX), or voter sentiment in the US, you already know that complying with the Telephone Consumer Protections Act (TCPA) of 1993 impacts efficiency and effectiveness. Among the many components of the TCPA, the act states that “an automatic telephone dialing system… Read More»

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What do Healthcare and Politics have in Common?

November 1 marked the first day of the open enrollment period for citizens to sign up for a government-backed healthcare plan – only a few days before the November 8 elections. What does health care and Public Policy have in common – consumers! Consumers of these services represent nearly all ages, demographics, and socio-economic levels.… Read More»

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National Healthcare Provider Improves CX with IVR

When a nation-wide healthcare provider of Medicaid and specialty services needed to gather more customer experience feedback on their member interaction with their service providers, they contacted Survox.   The key challenges for increasing customer feedback were timing and reach. For this application and the demographic the company needed to survey, Survox’s automated interactive voice… Read More»

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Grow Your Business With Survox IVR Services

What could be better? A new high-profile project with immediate and potential long-term revenue opportunities. There’s a slight catch however; it requires an infrastructure and staff expertise that can design, implement and manage an IVR project – resources that you lack in-house. No problem! Survox Professional Solutions can partner with your business and serve as… Read More»

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Get In Front Of Our Customers And Seize The Opportunity! Survox Summit 2017

Our customers are your sales opportunities. Sponsor Now They’re decision makers. They’re influencers. They drive the technical strategy for their business. As active producers of multi-mode data collection projects, they are the folks who would be most interested in your products and services. And for the next 6 months they’ll be checking their email, coming to… Read More»

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