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Survox is proud to integrate with the following platforms for multi-mode solutions.



SurveyGizmo is a customizable, sophisticated survey platform that is profoundly easy to use and integrated with other business intelligence solutions.  The Survox for SurveyGizmo integration gives researchers a greater selection of interviewing methodologies to optimally design their Customer Experience Management (CXM) program data collection.  With Survox, SurveyGizmo users have the ability to add automated or interviewer-assisted phone surveys (CATI and IVR), to their online data collection and have all the data reside within the SurveyGizmo platform for analysis and reporting.


The Decipher online survey solution is a fast, easy and fun piece of FocusVision’s complete research platform which combines powerful quantitative and qualitative research tools into a single integrated platform.  In addition to Decipher, FocusVision’s technology enables research facility video streaming, webcam focus groups, ethnography streaming and mobile device usability studies.

Decipher users can leverage Survox IVR for phone data collection. Survox delivers respondent targeting to speed actionable insights and better decision making.

Read our press release about this integration. 


Through intelligent design and innovative automation tools, Kinesis Survey Technologies provides the most comprehensive online panel management platform in the world. With Survox for Kinesis Panel integration, researchers can improve recruitment of high-stakes panelists by recruiting via phone where email addresses are lacking or have bounced, so valuable panel assets can be retained and re-profiled.

Read our press release about this integration.


Serving multiple industries—including retail, automotive, financial services, business and consumer technologies—MaritzCX is a leader in tracking, managing and understanding customer experience to drive positive organizational change. With the Survox for MaritzCX integration, surveys authored on the MaritzCX platform can now be deployed online, via a mobile device or used by live phone agents as the interview script to collect customer feedback.


Global enterprises, academic institutions, and government agencies use Qualtrics Research Suite to collect, analyze, and act on customer satisfaction, employee feedback, brand, market, and product concept feedback. Researchers using Survox for Qualtrics integration are able to add live or automated phone interviewing (CATI and IVR) while optimizing respondent recruitment and shortening the overall data collection period by synchronizing quota across phone and web.


SurveyMonkey is a leading provider of web-based survey solutions. The Survox for SurveyMonkey integration enables users of SurveyMonkey to easily add phone interviewing to their data collection strategies. Hard-to-reach demographics who don’t have easy access to the web can be targeted, producing higher rates of participation and meeting quota while achieving quality results.