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Transitioning from a familiar data collection system to a new one is a significant undertaking, requiring resources, patience and a lot of support. Further, when transitioning from one survey provider to another, maintaining data integrity is of the utmost importance. With Survox’s transition services, making the switch can be done swiftly and easily. The result is that existing studies are replicated and hosted, data from live studies will be securely transferred from an existing system to the Survox platform, and extensive training is provided to ensure all users are completely familiar with the new platform. Thanks to Survox’s transition, training and hosting solutions, bringing your study, or studies, to our powerful platform will be straightforward and stress-free.

Replicating Surveys

As the experts in survey techniques, post-process and rigorous pre-launch testing, you can rest assured that if you need to transition a live survey from a current provider or in-house system to Survox, our team will replicate and help you manage it–all without any loss or corruption of data. This makes it possible to move even the most complex, multi-year studies to Survox, and continue to add to the data once the survey has been re-created. All of your data will still be compiled in one easy to access file, and it will be simpler than ever to manage the survey going forward.

Complete Training Services

​Transitioning projects from one system to another will require training to ensure that all team members are fully confident with the new system as quickly as possible. Survox’s experienced team will provide training and share best practices with your team in areas like:

  • Sample management
  • Shop management
  • Multi-modal survey programming
  • Process automation
  • Quota set-up and management
  • Multi-mode operations
  • Data collection
  • Dialer optimization
  • Survey operations management
  • Tabulation

And, via Survox’s Support Center, you access helpful resources 24/7 or speak to a team member when help is needed.

Cloud-based Survey Solutions

​Many organizations are facing the dilemma of whether to replace older equipment with new equipment or turn to a cloud-based solution. With Survox’s hosted solution, you will never have to worry that a separate team will be required to maintain the equipment, build new features in or ensure the software or hardware is up to date.

With globally, scalable cloud solutions managed by experts in survey research operations, you can be confident that your software is always up to date with the latest features, your data is secured, and you can take on any new projects regardless of size when required—without wondering if your old equipment can handle it.

Don’t wait any longer to move from an old, clumsy system to Survox’s easy to manage, hosted and supported software. Get your FREE quote today!


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