Transition Services

Hassle Free Platform Transition

Survox’s transition services make transitioning to a new data collection system swift and easy.

Our expert team maintains data integrity and ensures that existing studies are migrated with data from live studies and securely transferred from legacy systems to the Survox platform.

Your team is provided with extensive training to ensure users are completely comfortable with the new platform and are productive right away.

Move the Most Complex, Multi-year Studies to Survox with Confidence

Post-process and rigorous pre-launch testing assures transition of live surveys to the Survox platform will be accomplished without loss or corruption of data.

This makes it possible to, and continue to add to the data once the survey has been migrated. All of your data will be accessible in one easy to access file, and it will be simpler than ever to manage the survey going forward.

Simplify Onboarding for Your Team

Survox’s experienced team delivers training to ensure that all team members are fully competent with your new system. We provide training and share best practices with your team in areas like:

  • Sample management
  • Shop management
  • Multi-modal survey authoring
  • Process automation
  • Quota set-up and management
  • Multi-mode operations
  • Data collection
  • Dialer optimization
  • Survey operations management
  • Tabulation

Survox’s Support Center gives you access to helpful resources 24/7  when help is needed.

Move Your Operations to the Cloud

Transitioning to Survox’s hosted solution means you can eliminate up-front hardware cost and the need to maintain equipment, and have the assurance that your system is fully up to date.

With a Survox hosted solution your software is always up to date with the latest features, your data is secured, and you can take on any new projects regardless of size when required—without wondering if your old equipment can handle it.

Don’t wait any longer to move from an old, costly to maintain system to Survox’s easy to manage, hosted and supported software. Get your FREE quote today!

Put Survox’s multi-mode solutions to work for you today.

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Survox provides us with an excellent platform to undertake continuous global phone surveys. Hundreds of interviewers log on to our system from different countries and Survox allows them to perform excellent and high-quality work. … we now have an excellent mixed mode environment for any multi-lingual surveying needs.

Large International Consulting Firm