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Advanced Programming & Reporting

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If you need to set up and manage a highly complex survey but do not have the resources, experience or capacity to manage it in-house, turn to Survox’s Advanced Programming and Reporting services to get the results you need. Whether your survey needs to span multiple languages, requires complex logic or would benefit from a multi-mode approach, Survox’s Services Team will collect, manage and compile your data so you don’t have to.

Advanced Programming and Survey Design

Survox’s Services Team members have on average nearly two decades of market research experience in the industry, and we are here to help ensure that whatever the requirements, your survey will deliver the data you need. When you turn to Survox for help with advanced programming, you’ll benefit from our capabilities in:

  • Mobile, multi-language
  • Ad/media/pharma
  • Conjoint/choice
  • Complex quotas
  • TrueSample™ integration
  • Panel integration
  • Sample management
  • Survey hosting
  • Third-party integration
  • Recruit and time scheduling
  • Product test and central location testing

Optimizing the Data Collection Process

With the Survox platform and Advanced Programming services, surveys can be designed to give respondents several ways to engage, making them more likely to provide the information and achieve the required quotas.

The Survox Platform enables data preparation across a mix of data collection modes including phone (CATI), web, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), mobile, web and even enterprise systems. Survox solutions provide a level of operational control that enables our team to optimize the data collection processes for your survey in real-time and perform changes as and when they are required. Survox Services can review your data collection processes and offer your team our best practices recommendations for making the most of your resources.

Reporting and Data Collection

Once the data has been collected, our team can help you prepare the data for downstream analysis and reporting. Just some of the reporting Survox provides includes:

  • Cross tabs
  • Production reports
  • Data files
  • Open-end coding
  • Data cleaning & manipulation
  • Data entry
  • Data conversion
  • Multi-source data aggregation
  • Report-ready charts and graphs

When it comes to designing surveys that have precise quota requirements, strict timelines or are very complex, trust Survox to create and manage your survey for you. Get started today—request your FREE quote!


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