Client Services

Assistance When You Need It

Many factors come into play when implementing or extending data collection processes. That’s exactly why Survox offers expert client services.

We provide best practice training and survey management services so you can focus your attention where it is needed. while your survey operations are assisted by some of the most accomplished practitioners in the industry.

Seamless Platform Transition

Survox Transition Services provides the support to successfully migrate survey operations to the Survox platform. We provide complete training to get your people up and running on our service.

Our team provides the capability to configure new processes, run in parallel for a period, and transition over when you’re ready to go on our system, all without missing a beat.

  • Migrate existing surveys
  • Configure operational workflows
  • Customize reports to suit your preferences
  • Train and shadow new users
  • Augment staffing while your business grows

Put Survox’s multi-mode solutions to work for you today.

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I have worked with the Survox Support team several times over the past year and they have always been very pleasant to work with. The team is always very informative and explains things in a such a way that I can understand (not too technical). Not only have they solved every problem, but they have done so quickly and follows-up with me to make sure everything is good to go.

Satisfied Client