Supervisory Tools

The Survox Console


The suite of tools included with the Survox platform gives supervisors unparalleled control over their operations and the ability to set-up, test and launch surveys at the touch of a button.

Up to the minute reports give you full control of research operations to maximize interviewer productivity and the ability to make changes as and when required.

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Data Management & Operational Oversight

Real-time management reporting and live study updates enable supervisors to manage operations much more efficiently.

Supervisors have a close-up view of every aspect of each of their surveys including interviewer productivity, call metrics, and sample usage for in-progress surveys.

Sample and Quota Management

The Survox UI offers real-time control of sample availability to speed quota completion.

  • Access quota counts
  • Control market weights and calling rules for particular geographic areas
  • Update or modify samples, including adding samples to existing live studies
  • Generate disposition reports for clients

Extensive Reporting Capabilities

Over 30 reports are available to give you a clear view of the status of any project.

  • Automated production reports
  • Robust sample reports
  • Quota and disposition reports

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Survox provides us with an excellent platform to undertake continuous global phone surveys. Hundreds of interviewers log on to our system from different countries and Survox allows them to perform excellent and high-quality work. … we now have an excellent mixed mode environment for any multi-lingual surveying needs.

Large International Consulting Firm