Scalable Predictive Dialing

Predictive Dialing for Enhanced Call Center Productivity


Survox’s robust automated predictive dialer anticipates an interviewer becoming available and automatically calls ahead so respondents are available when the interviewer is ready to connect. The dialer manages the rate of connection attempts to ensure that an interviewer will be available when a  respondent is connected.

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All the Features Needed for State-of-the-Art Call Centers

Survox’s fully integrated CATI and predictive dialing solution has all the features to deliver respondents when you need them.

  • Up to 400 CATI interviewers per dialer
  • Predictive dialing over SIP or VOIP
  • A range of IVR features, such as create/record, broadcast and unattended
  • Playbacks for a pre-recorded snippet or to play previously recorded responses in an interview
  • Control over what is recorded, such as the whole interview or specific questions
  • Two simultaneous audio recording modes to facilitate audio to text conversion
  • Answering machine detection
  • Multiple Survox study servers

Up to the Minute Monitoring and Reporting

The Survox Dialer’s console allows you to easily monitor interviewers and connection rates all loaded studies, projects, or campaigns operational control.

  • Perform On-site or remote monitoring of interviewers
  • Create dialing reports for interviewer productivity, phone, and samples

Your Choice—On Premise or Hosted

The choice is yours to how you implement the Survox Dialer.  On premise installation lets you manage the dial from behind your firewall. The hosted solution requires no hardware and allows for quick implementation and rapid expansion, enabling access by remote interviewers and call centers.

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We can scale beyond our peak capacity of over 500 interviewers because we are not limited by the number of interviewers required to conduct a study.

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