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Quota Management

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With Survox’s suite of tools, quota management has been greatly simplified, saving project managers time and money while ensuring that data from the required respondents is successfully gathered. Quota attainment makes or breaks a survey project. Having the tools to review real-time results, make changes to sample groups or retire records is critical to successfully completing a survey.

Being able to easily prepare and enrich sample data will optimize outreach and maximize quota completes. The Survox multi-Mode Platform offers the option to pre-process sample records against the quotas before sending the information to the predictive dialer.

Sample Management and Quota Attainment with Survox Dialer

Survox lets project managers set rules to make dialing more efficient. For example, rules can be set so that if a respondent does not answer a call, that person will not be called again at that time. Similarly, if a respondent does not answer after a set number of calls, that person will be removed from the list. Rules can be set so that certain areas are called at particular times of day. These rules can be modified at any point or turned off as needed.

With the predictive dialing feature, the dialer can anticipate when interviewers are available to take a call as soon as the respondent has picked up the phone. Once a call has been answered, it is critical that the response from the interviewer is immediate. If there is a lag between when the call is answered and when the interviewer begins to ask questions, rates of abandonment will increase. With Survox’s advanced dialing control, the rate of dialing is managed to match interviewer availability, thereby controlling for abandoned calls.

Once a call has been answered, it can be screened with IVR to ensure the respondent is part of the right demographic group. By pre-screening calls before passing them to a live interviewer, respondents who do not meet the set criteria can be automatically identified and removed from the sample. This is particularly convenient for hard-to-reach groups or more complex quotas that will require a larger sample.

Quota Modifications and Corrective Action

With access to up-to-the-minute reports, supervisors can make decisions that can have a huge impact on the outcome of the project. Survox’s management platform makes it possible to generate reports or set alerts so that at any point throughout the project it will be clear whether the sample needs to be expanded or narrowed.

With Survox’s tools to manage quotas, it is easier than ever before to make changes to live surveys, set alerts to ensure targets are being met and generate reports for supervisors or clients. Get started today with your FREE quote.


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