Quota Management

Easily Prepare and Enrich Sample Data to Maximize Quota Completes

Survox’s suite of tools simplify quota management, saving project managers time and money while ensuring that data from the required respondents is successfully gathered.

  • Pre-process sample records against quota
  • Make on-the-fly changes to sample groups
  • Create alerts for making sample adjustments
  • Retire records
  • Review results real-time


Manage Sample and Quota Attainment

Survox lets project managers set rules to make dialing more efficient.

  • Stagger calling times for multiple call attempts
  • Remove sample after a set number of calls
  • Schedule calls according to time zones & day-parts

Optimize Interviewer Productivity with Predictive Dialing

Survox’s advanced dialing control lets you manage the rate of dialing to match interviewer availability to minimize call abandonment.  Predictive dialing anticipates when interviewers will be available and dials accordingly and you can also program an IVR to pre-screen respondents for a live interview.

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