When the success of a project depends on reaching exact quotas, accurate respondent targeting is critical to ensuring that the right constituents, customers and employees are being captured. With Survox’s CATI and IVR capabilities, you’re able to target specific demographics, using phone or even online where appropriate.

Further, with Survox’s sample management tools, supervisors ensure the quotas are being achieved and the right respondents are being recruited via a range of real-time reports and the ability to make on-the-fly changes.

The Benefits of Phone for Respondent Targeting

For groups with limited access to the internet, online surveys may not be sufficient to recruit the right profile of respondents for the data to accurately reflect reality. Particularly for survey projects that require a broad demographic range, phone is critical to reach certain demographic groups like seniors, rural, and lower socio-economic citizens and consumers.

At the same time, more and more people have cell phones and people are increasingly abandoning landlines for mobile devices. In fact, calling cell phones has the added benefit of reaching the target respondent (vs. the household) and experience now indicates that cell phone users answer their phones at higher rates than landlines speeding project delivery. It’s clear that phone should not be overlooked as a leading way to target respondents.

Multi-Mode Surveys with Phone & Online Components

With Survox’s multi-mode capabilities, projects can be created to take advantage of phone for harder to reach groups while offering an online survey component for demographics who are more likely to complete the survey online. All respondent data, regardless of source, will be compiled seamlessly in one final data file so researchers will never have to stitch the results together.

Sample Control with Survox

The Survox platform gives project managers and supervisors complete control over the whole survey process. From building the sample to making changes on-the-fly, Survox’s sample management capabilities include:

  • 24 time zones
  • Up to 960 markets in grouped calling areas
  • Replicating or grouping and treating segments differently based on pre-determined rules
  • Real time call metrics including start-time, time-on-call, and total time on all calls
  • ‘Do Not Call’ list handling to include and control for numbers in real time
  • Sample assignments by hour to improve hit rates in each time zone, including a time zone file for your use that Survox can maintain
  • Ability to use elaborate dialing algorithms
  • Interviewers can be assigned special abilities for refusal conversion or foreign language surveys
  • Interviewers can own specific records so that only they can work on them
  • Duplicate records can be allowed or disallowed for up to three control fields, such as phone number, business name, or last name
  • Easily passing data to and from sample sets

In addition, to maximize conversion rates:

  • Interviewers can be assigned special abilities for refusal conversion or foreign language surveys
  • Interviewers can own specific records so that only they can work on them

And, samples are fully controllable even when surveys are live. Throughout the project, supervisors can:

  • Add numbers
  • Change quotas
  • Move numbers from any calling stack and into another stack
  • Assign numbers to a special interviewer type
  • Retire numbers
  • “Remake” numbers as if calling them for the first time
  • Choose any set of numbers to call “right now”

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