Call Center Automation (CATI)

Optimize Interviewers, Sample and Calling Hours


Survox’s powerful CATI offering, provides call centers with a  variety of tools to take more control over their operations, improve efficiencies and provide greater flexibility when it comes to designing, managing and reporting on the data collection process.

Combining Survox Phone with the Survox Dialer for predictive dialing, enhanced sample management controls make achieving quotas easier and more cost effective.

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Survox Phone Extensive CATI Features

Survox technology provides unparalleled control when designing data collection strategies for opinion polling or market research projects

  • Adjust quota on-the-fly
  • Create complex logic conditions
  • Import up to 10 million sample records
  • Include up to 1 million questions per survey
  • Suspend, resume and record interviews
  • Dedicate records for individual interviewer management
  • Transfer incoming calls directly to interviewers, minimizing the need for distinct inbound and outbound team members
  • Maximize Interviewer productivity by using IVR caller screening
  • Respect respondent privacy with interviewer to IVR transfer for private or sensitive data collection
  • Monitor interviewers or analyze recordings

Management Control

Management controls in the Survox Multi-Mode Platform give you the big picture of your operations to allow you to take corrective action and ensure projects are completed in the shortest time

The dashboard makes it easy to view real-time information about quotas and the status of current campaigns as well monitor interviewer productivity.

  • Real-time sample control—add, retire, and move numbers
  • Optimize routing to special interviewers—, i.e., for language or context
  • Enable remote study monitoring— for clients and managers
  • Manage sample flow hourly— improve hit rates in each time zone
  • Easily managing interviewers — even when remote

IVR Assisted Workflows

IVR assisted workflows provide predictive outbound dialing and lets you capture and quickly route inbound calls to improve the respondent experience and fill quotas faster.

IVR and inbound/outbound call blending increase call center efficiency.

  • Increased interviewer productivity–Interviewers have inbound call ready to answer
  • Higher quota complete rates–IVR can capture and nurture callbacks
  • Reduced need to “weight” or “wait”–Callback can be managed more efficiently
  • Optimize staffing–automatically answer and screen calls

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We consistently login over 250 interviewer stations from multiple phone centers onto one Survent study server and rarely have a hiccup. Also, the system lends itself to a high level of customization and integration.

F. Barney, Venture Data