Automated Interviewing (IVR)

Automated Phone Interviewing for Outbound and Inbound Surveys


Everyone has a phone. Automated interviewing gives you the broadest coverage and lowest cost when you need to fill quota quickly. Automated, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) surveys are fast to set up and ready to run on your schedule.

  • Conduct 100% automated interviews or supplement live-interviewers, and augment online surveys to achieve quota quickly
  • Collect numeric survey data and record responses to open-ended questions
  • Present questions exactly the same to all respondents to eliminate response bias
  • Achieve survey quota quickly with smart targeting
  • Input Survox survey data into other survey  and analytics platforms though APIs for a consolidated data set.

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Flexible Survey Modes Increase Response Rates

With Survox Automated Voice, you can create surveys for participants to answer pre-recorded questions through their telephone keypad, or record detailed voice response.

Inbound Surveys — Respondents call into a phone number at their convenience. These surveys are ideal for collecting post-transaction customer experience insight.

Outbound Surveys — Fully automated outbound surveys collect insights from individuals who have opted-in to customer loyalty programs and survey panels.

Mixed-mode Surveys — Mixed-mode surveys provide the option of letting participants answer select questions in privacy via automated voice response and then transfer to live interviewer for survey completion.

Automated Survey Attendant

The Survox platform can function as an automated research attendant to route inbound calls to available interviewers. When no interviewer is available respondents can be given the option to hold, reschedule or complete an automated survey.

System Deployment Options

Survox gives you the flexibility to choose the deployment option that works best for your needs.


IVR Survey Service – Complete end-to-end hosting and managing freeing you to focus on program design and data analysis

IVR License – Subscription licenses to create and manage your own custom solutions from simple surveys to advanced call center workflow automation.

Put Survox’s multi-mode solutions to work for you today.

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Being able to conduct IVR-only studies can help us grow our business because it’s an additional service that we can offer our customers. This capability makes our company more marketable and it keeps us on the cutting edge of technology for data collection.

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