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If someone challenges your process compliance, can you produce the documentation that shows how your shop contacted a specific person on a specific day?

It’s not an academic question. Lawsuits stemming from the 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)-which prohibits the use of automatic telephone dialing systems to call cell phones without the recipient’s prior express consent have grown very rapidly over the past several years.

To help Call Centers address the challenge of compliance reporting, Survox introduces xLOG™: a searchable archive of all phone dialing activity and operational methods.

Search Hundreds of Thousands of Call Records in Seconds

Survox xLOG archives calling records, protects them from modification, and makes the data easily accessible through a simplified search tool. xLOG enables Call Centers to easily and quickly produce a report documenting:

  • Whether a specific number was ever called.
  • When it was called.
  • What dialing method was used.

Query Preview

Here’s a peek at the interface for the xLOG service.



Ensure Accessible, Actionable, Quality Data

The Survox xLOG Service is a cloud service licensed on an annual basis. Customers subscribed to the service have the insurance of being prepared with the documentation needed in most lawsuits.

  • 24 x 7 on-demand search and reporting capability.
  • Continuous archival of operational data.
  • Secure storage via Amazon Web Services.

Extends Suite of Compliance Tools

The xLOG service complements the Survox Phone solution which enable users to control exactly how each number is dialed. Survox Master Quotas can be employed to ensure that respondent targeting is optimized across all dialing processes to deliver on each project’s goals.

xLOG represents a new advance in our suite of optimization services that help drive down costs and remove barriers for researchers gathering insight through phone-based data collection.


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