Supervisory Tools

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With Survox Phone, supervisors and project managers have access to a range of supervisory tools, including the Survox Console. The Survox Console provides full control of research operations—from interviewer productivity to the ability to make changes as and when they are required. Accessible from anywhere, the browser-based console is easy to use and combines control over operations with up-to-the-minute reports and the power to manage or modify samples.

Data Management & Oversight

The Survox Console offers real time management and live study updates, so supervisors can manage operations much more efficiently. The result is that users will be able to spend less time scripting and more time actually delivering the results to clients. With access to up-to-the minute reports, supervisors have a close-up view of every aspect of each of their survey including interviewer productivity and call metrics, data that has been collected to date, and more. The Survox Console makes it easy to program, test records and re-assign records at the touch of a button.

Sample and Quota Management

Quotas can be made based on how quickly supervisors are able to take corrective action. With the Survox Console offering real-time results, controlling the sample parameters and managing the interviewer database can be done through easily from anywhere. Supervisors can:

  • Access quota counts
  • Control market weights and create rules for particular geographic areas
  • Update or modify samples, including adding samples to existing live studies
  • Generate reports for clients

Extensive Reporting Capabilities

With over 30 reports available, Survox users will have a clear view of the status of any project. Results can be shared easily with clients or managers. With the Survox Console, it is possible to generate:

  • Automated production reports
  • Robust sample reports
  • Quota and disposition reports
  • On-demand and web tables
  • Verbatim reports
  • Report on hits, starts, failed access types

With the suite of tools included with the Survox Console, supervisors have unparalleled control over their operations and the ability to create, test and launch surveys at the touch of a button. Don’t wait any longer to access these tools—get your FREE quote today!


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