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Respondent Workflow Optimization

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Call center success comes down to how well calls are managed, and with Survox, you can easily manage and optimize respondent workflows to greatly increase efficiency, profits and employee satisfaction. Workflows can be built to use a combination of automated screening or IVR interviewing and live phone interviews giving call center managers unprecedented control over respondent workflows.

Screening Qualified Respondents

Workflows can be designed to pre-screen qualified respondents (like registered voters or women under 35) via IVR prior to the call being passed over to a live interviewer. This will improve interviewer efficiency and help reduce the time each interviewer is require to spend on a call.

Transfer Respondents

With Survox, it is possible to split a survey into several parts capturing unique information with different tools. For instance, once the call has been qualified via IVR, it can be easily transferred to a live interviewer. Alternatively, the survey could begin with a live phone interview. The call then be routed to IVR to record longer, open-ended responses or to provide private information.

It is even possible to begin the interview on the phone and finish it online. With Survox, however you interview your respondents, your data will be captured in one data set, and you’ll have quick and easy access to it without having to run separate reports for IVR, online or CATI results.

Handling Incoming Cell Phone Calls

People using cell phones are up to ten times more likely to call back than people with landlines, so when qualified respondents call back, someone has to be available to take their call. With Survox’s robust call blending capabilities, incoming calls from mobile devices can be answered quickly, reducing abandonment rates and helping hit quotas faster. Workflows can be designed to take the caller through IVR to screen or answer the first set of questions, or simply route inbound calls to the next available interviewer.

Gain Efficiencies

Call centers can staff operations more effectively because respondents can be qualified first through IVR to optimize live interviewer productivity. Plus, by handling both inbound and outbound calls so smoothly, dedicated inbound-only or outbound-only staff are not required as calls can simply be routed to the next available interviewer.

With Survox’s easy to manage, efficiency-focused respondent workflow optimization, you’ll be amazed with the improvements you’ll see. Request your FREE quote now to discover what your call center will gain!


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