Interviewer Productivity

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Researchers, marketers and call center owners know that interviewer productivity is key to keeping projects on time and on budget while achieving the required results. With Survox Phone and the Survox Multi-Mode Platform, you’ll have access to a wealth of tools to help interviewers improve productivity and monitor their results.

Managing Inbound and Outbound Calls

We designed the Survox Dialer and Survox Multi-Mode Platform to automate the blending of inbound with outbound calls and use interactive voice response (IVR) to address the challenge of managing callbacks quickly and efficiently. The inbound and outbound call blending capability enables callbacks from respondents to be answered immediately.

  • Automation blends inbound calls with outbound calls, removing the need for dedicated staff to field inbound calls
  • Workflow handles respondent identification, routes call transfers, and manages “wait time” to trigger actions that maximize caller retention
  • Phone interviewing capacity increases by using IVR to screen, schedule, or conduct an interview

The seamless blending of inbound and outbound calls makes it possible to staff a call center without the need for dedicated inbound or outbound teams. All team members can make or receive calls without having to wait, so productivity is readily improved.

Reporting on Interviewer Productivity

In order to monitor your team’s productivity, we also offer a wealth of project management tools. Supervisors can now pull:

  • Dialing reports, including individual interviewer productivity and connection rates
  • Reports on call metrics like start time, on-call time and total time on all calls
  • Live status reports that are accessible from anywhere, detailing the number of quota completes

With the ease of the Survox Platform, once supervisors have these reports, adjusting samples to take corrective action or achieve timely results is fast and easy. Pulling client-facing reports to share daily targets or in-progress survey results across all modes (phone, IVR, online or mail) is possible with the click of a button.

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