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Distributed Operations

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Survox makes it easy to manage call centers and interviewers anywhere on the globe. Interviewers need only Internet and phone access and can be in your call center, home‐based or even outsourced. With the browser-based control panel, managers can design surveys, manage quotes and monitor productivity from anywhere. It has never been easier to manage a remote workforce, while easily achieving quotas and increasing efficiency rates.

Organizing Distributed Call Center Operations

Survox makes it easy to design, test and implement surveys, monitor the results and report on interviewer productivity wherever a workforce is distributed. This gives call centers the flexibility to manage their operations from anywhere, helping to target specific languages or timezones. Regardless of where the data is collected, whether by an in-house interviewer or a remote worker, all of the data is compiled into one easy-to-access file.

Control and Reporting

When it comes to monitoring remote or in-house operations, Survox’s management platform gives you unprecedented control. Managers can see project status from all sources (CATI, IVR and web) regardless of where the data was collected, and all interviewers can be monitored for quality assurance from a central location. The Survox multi-mode platform provides permission‐based access, enabling subcontracting and restricted access when required.

Having access to accurate and timely information has a huge impact on project success. Survox’s management tools provide over 30 reports for supervisors, simplifying the process to make the required changes to the samples and monitor interviewer productivity from anywhere.

Survox gives you the flexibility to manage your operation and workforce from one easy-to-use control panel—regardless of where managers or interviewers are in the world. Get started today with your FREE quote!


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