Call Center Automation (CATI)

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Survox Phone, Survox’s powerful CATI offering, provides call centers with a  variety of tools to take more control over their operations, improve efficiencies and provide greater flexibility when it comes to designing, managing and reporting on the data collection process. When Survox Phone is combined with the Survox Dialer for predictive dialing, the enhanced sample management controls make achieving quotas easier and more cost effective.

Survox Phone’s CATI Features

Enabling some of the most creative survey research in the industry, Survox technology provides unparalleled control when designing data collection strategies for opinion polling or market research projects, including:

  • Flexible quotas
  • Complex logic conditions
  • Up to 10 million sample records
  • Up to 1 million questions per survey

Improved Interviewer Productivity

With Survox Phone, improving interviewer efficiency is straightforward. Through the platform:

  • Interviews can be suspended, resumed and recorded
  • Interviewers can be given their own dedicated records that they alone can manage
  • Interviewers can accept incoming calls, minimizing the need for distinct inbound and outbound team members
  • Interviewer time can be reserved for qualified respondents by using IVR to first screen callers
  • Respondents can also be transferred from a live interviewer to IVR to insulate the interviewer from having to collect private or sensitive data

Management Control

Survey projects rely on hitting a quota, and with Survox, it’s never been easier to track how close a study is to reaching its quote. Using the management controls in the Survox Multi-Mode Platform, it’s possible to take corrective action and ensure the project is completed in the shortest time frame through:

  • Modifying quotas
  • Adding, retiring, or moving numbers between calling stacks
  • Creating specialist interviewer types, such as for language or context
  • Assigning numbers to a special interviewer type
  • Enabling clients and managers to monitor studies remotely from anywhere
  • Managing sample assignments by hour to improve hit rates in each time zone
  • Easily managing interviewers — even if they are working remotely or using a combination of IVR, CATI or web

Call center managers have access to the dialer dashboard, making it easier to view real-time information about quota status of the current campaigns as well as interviewer productivity.

Integrated Dialer

As the growth of inbound calls from mobile devices continues to rise, it’s more important than ever to capture and quickly route those calls. With the Survox Dialer, it’s easy to do this, significantly improving the respondent experience and filling quotas faster. With the Survox Dialer, call centers can rely on automated callback answering to quickly identify and seamlessly transfer callers to the next available appropriate interviewer. IVR and inbound/outbound call blending make it possible to:

  • Increase interviewer productivity by enabling team members to answer the next available inbound call
  • Raise quota complete rates by capturing and nurturing the callbacks
  • Reduce the need to “weight” or “wait” by managing callbacks more efficiently
  • Increase call center productivity

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