IVR in CX Programs

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Automated phone interviews (IVR) are a powerful component of the best CX programs.

High quality insights and timely decision-making result from quickly collecting the right information from the RIGHT PEOPLE.  The trick is to ensure that your collection strategy delivers a truly representative group of respondents that mirror your customer base.

senior womanHear the Voice of Your Customer

Listening to our customers is one of the primary goals of a CX program.  Whether delighted or dismayed – the voice of your customer can offer nuances that written words cannot convey.

GOAL – Regional bank wants to replace a mail survey and has many non-internet customers

SOLUTION – Mails 800# to call with feedback and uses an IVR service to collect responses.

OUTCOME – Simplifies feedback process and maintains reach. Audio files can be played back to hear responses.

This is how you REALLY listen to your customer

Offer Engagement Choices

Higher response rates can be achieved if you can engage  your customer in a way  that matches their preferences.  CX programs can be set up to invite customers to provide feedback through their choice of online survey or automated phone interview (IVR).

GOAL – Retailer wants to hear from a more representative sample of customer.

SOLUTION – Offers multiple ways to engage – 800# (IVR) or URL (online)

OUTCOMEMultimode Survey featuring IVR

  • 15% increase in potential respondents.
  • 75% increase in reach to Seniors.
  • 25% more lower socio/economic segments.

Standardize Measurement

Trend analysis is important for measuring the quality of customer experience over time and across multiple customer touch points.  Comprehensive feedback collection can help you identify opportunities for process improvement, skill development and partner management.  For key components of your business model, you don’t want to wait to hear from your customers.  The best companies proactively solicit feedback at each service delivery point and across each customer type to capture actionable insights that can be quickly used to refine the offerings.

multimode survey workflowCompanies today are setting up automated processes, with store- or agent-based quotas, that consistently follow-up with customers after a transaction has occurred.  By intelligently targeting the outreach process, the best companies ensure that they collect representative feedback about all of their service delivery outlets, agents and vendors.

GOAL – Multi-region service provider wishes to standardize customer experience & quality.

SOLUTION –  Sets monthly quotas per region.  Uses transaction data to contact recent customers.

OUTCOME –  Collects the  same # of responses per region every month across all quota cells.


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