IVR in Call Centers

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Survox’s powerful and easy-to-manage Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology offers a range of options alongside an easy-to-operate reporting system, making it possible to host entire surveys through IVR, or simply use IVR to collect a specific set of answers. With Survox IVR it has never been easier to streamline operations, improve operational efficiency, and capture incoming calls to engage and qualify respondents, all while achieving your quotas on budget in the shortest amount of time.

Robust and Flexible

IVR provides project managers and call center owners with a huge amount of flexibility, from creating standalone surveys to capturing sensitive or qualifying information. Call centers and enterprise project managers use Survox IVR to:

  • Optimize call center performance by managing inbound calls made to outbound projects
  • Screen, identify and forward screened calls to the next available interviewer
  • Gather insights directly from the customer after a certain event, like a purchase or introduction of a new product
  • Monitor employee satisfaction through regular automated surveys

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Advanced Survey Logic

Survox IVR executes advanced logic for quota attainment and sample management alongside integrated workflows. IVR surveys can be used to target and recruit respondents for entire surveys or as part of a multi-mode study. IVR can be used for tasks like for screening, interviewing and transferring calls to a live interviewer.

Efficiency and Optimization

Beyond capturing data, Survox IVR is an essential tool for call center optimization. By managing inbound calls for outbound projects, screening, identifying and forwarding respondents to available stations, interviewers will be able to engage with respondents who have already provided key pieces of information or have been screened, helping to increasing interviewer productivity.

In cases where surveys capture customer service or feedback, IVR can even be used directly after a call with an interviewer to gain immediate insight. Similarly, IVR surveys can be designed to capture feedback from employees.

Whichever way IVR is included in a survey project, the robust platform is the same. With Survox Phone, you have a scalable solution that can be easily managed and updated saving you time and investment, while seamlessly meeting internal or customer quota requirements. Don’t wait any longer to enjoy the flexibility that you’ll get from Survox.

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