Automated Interviewing (IVR)

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100% reach, quick set up, and targeted audience measurement are among the key reasons why more businesses today are implementing IVR to achieve a competitive edge

Automated phone surveys, utilizing IVR technology, can be very effective for short surveys such as NPS and political polls.  Respondents use their phone to answer the questions.  Since everyone has a phone, this approach gives you 100% coverage – without having to incur the cost of live interviewers.  An IVR survey is fast to set up and ready to run on your schedule.  The benefits include the following.

  • SPEED Input can be gathered quickly, often in a single night.
  • REACH All types of demographics can be engaged via phone.
  • QUALITY Standardization of survey delivery improves confidence in the data.

How can you use Survox IVR?

  • IVR Survey Service – Survox sets up, hosts and manages the survey. Complete end-to-end offering freeing you to focus on program design and data analysis.
  • IVR License – Survox IVR subscription licenses enable you to create and manage your own custom solutions ranging from simple surveys to advanced call center workflow automation.

How does Survox IVR work with multi-channel studies?

Glad you asked! Survox IVR can directly populate the responses into another vendor’s platform through APIs.  With multi-channel studies, you can offer a choice of engagement options and collect the data concurrently into one data set.

If representative feedback is important, you can first invite your audience to the web survey and then strategically use IVR to target just the demographic segments that don’t respond to the web survey.



Naturally, Survox IVR also works with other Survox solutions which frees you to design the data collection strategy that best fits your needs

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Multi-channel studies can be set-up both in-bound and outbound engagement methods…or in hybrid workflows to enable seamless handling of respondent callbacks.


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