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Seamlessly Integrate IVR and CATI

Survox Phone Survey Automation seamlessly integrates interactive voice response (IVR) and computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) methods into operational workflows that enable researchers to conduct surveys via IVR or CATI, or a combination the two.

Survox IVR lets you screen calls or gather specific or sensitive information before or after transferring the call to a live interviewer.

Survox®’s robust phone survey management software platform has advanced IVR call management capability to answer an inbound call resulting from an outbound project and identify the appropriate project. The caller may then be passed to either a live agent familiar with the project or an automated phone survey (IVR).

The Survox Console makes it easy to centralize the management of an entire operation and access it from anywhere.

Regardless of the research design, automated phone surveys (IVR) and call centers can be cost effectively used to target and recruit the respondents your client needs.

For decades, the Survox software platform has enabled researchers to easily integrate IVR and CATI, scale up or down as their data collection projects require, optimize interviewer productivity, and manage distributed operations and partners to deliver projects on time and on budget.