Phone for Qualtrics Users

Good news Qualtrics users!

You can now expand your Qualtrics capabilities by adding phone and IVR to your solution set.

Want to reach more respondents for your Qualtrics surveys? Are you interested in hearing from certain groups that may not be available online? If so, then consider adding the Survox® respondent targeting and recruitment platform for phone and interactive voice response (IVR) surveys. With Survox you can meet your desired demographic faster, easier and more cost effectively.

Survox for Qualtrics: More modes. Faster insights. Targeted reach to fill quotas quickly

The Survox for Qualtrics integration combines the Survox platform with the Qualtrics Insights Platform. Gain fast, accurate early insights from a precisely targeted set of respondents across modes and expand your understanding of the Voice of the Customer (VOC) by leveraging more modes of interaction.

Here’s what it can do for you:


  • Using Qualtrics, author only one survey for use across modes.
  • Add automated phone surveys by using Survox IVR services.
  • Partner with Survox enabled call centers to conduct live phone interviews
  • Either way, the responses collected all populate the Qualtrics Insight Platform for streamlined analysis.

Call Centers

  • Speed already authored surveys into the call center by skipping the survey re-creation step.
  • Optimize sample management across modes to drive quota completion and shorten data collection period.
  • Handle interview interruptions and call backs by suspending the Qualtrics survey and resuming by phone or another mode.

Survox Phone and IVR for Qualtrics Users