A Legacy of Innovation

Fifty years ago, three very different individuals who shared a deep passion for research teamed up to plan how they could disrupt an industry. Now we’re celebrating the 50 years of innovation that these three gentlemen started with the creation of CfMC (Computers for Marketing Corporation)

The company Joe Weisman, Leif Gjestland and Charlie Yarbrough started began with home-grown computer hardware and code for survey data tabulation and has reached a milestone few companies achieve.


1967 – Introduced the first computerized tabulation program

1976 – Marketed the first commercially available CATI System

1981 – Installed the first interviewing system to run on a PC

1986 – First to implement auto-dialing for an interviewing system

1988 – Installed the first predictive dialer at Neilsen Media Research

1989 – Installed our CATI system on a Novell network

1995 – Introduced SoundSurvent to record interviews and play media files during interviews

1997 – Introduced WebSurvent for online surveys

2004 – Introduced WebCATI for browser-based CATI interviewing

On August 9th, 2017 the Founders, Joe,  Charlie and Leif were Recognized by the Computer History Museum

Friends, family and former colleagues were on hand to join in the celebration!

What people who have been part of the company’s legacy have to say

“We are proud of our legacy and truly grateful to all who have played a role in our success”