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Through our technology partnerships, Survox delivers the ultimate multi-mode survey management solution. This solution combines Survox’s Respondent Targeting and Phone Survey automation with partner technology—delivering flexible, multi-mode options for survey research. With Survox multi-mode solutions, your organization will have complete control over your research design, allowing you to collect the data you need quickly and efficiently.

Online or On Phone, you Have the Tools you Need

Researchers can now combine partner online survey solutions with the respondent targeting of the Survox® Phone, Dialer and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions, enabling researchers to:

  • Centralize sample management across modes
  • Provide operational control of interviewer productivity and quota completion
  • Collect data in one location for easy cross-mode analysis

Your survey can be conducted online, on-phone, or through a combination of platforms, and all data and responses will be stored in just one location for thorough analysis.

The Survox multi-vendor, multi-mode solution sports a robust set of features, including:

  • Leverages one survey for both phone and web surveys
  • Enables both automated phone surveys (IVR) and live phone interviews by agents using Survox call center automation (CATI)
  • Streamlines sample management across Survox, partners or external sources
  • Synchronizes quota across modes to prevent over-sampling and minimize cost
  • Suspends an interview in one mode and completes the survey in another mode
  • Collects and analyzes all the responses from one dataset

When you use Survox phone solutions with partner insights platforms, you can:

  • Conduct online and on-phone surveys concurrently, quickly and easily
  • Save time by not having to reproduce the survey or combine data from disparate systems
  • Successfully reach your desired demographics while using the fewest sample records

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