Survox IVR

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When you have access to survey participants who are eager to provide you with information, it’s important that you are prepared to listen to them whichever way is convenient for them. With Survox IVR, you’ll have access to an automated phone survey solution that integrates with your workflows to reduce cost, scale, and improve call center productivity.

Survox IVR Delivers the Features you Need

When you choose the Survox IVR, you will have the ability to:

  • Create custom IVR surveys
  • Offer questions in specific languages
  • Test quota
  • Set up queuing to special groups
  • Automate appointment settings and schedule call backs
  • Access third party databases for outbound dialing sample
  • Handle inbound call volume
  • Automate outbound respondent recruitment
  • Provide sound file playback recordings for clients

The Benefits of Survox IVR for Call Centers

Eliminating the Need for Dedicated Staff to Field Inbound Calls

The Survox IVR workflow ensures that callbacks are answered immediately by blending inbound calls with outbound calls in interviewer queues.

Increasing Operational Flexibility

With the Survox IVR, you can better screen, transfer, and manage calls to maximize caller retention. Functions performed by phone interviewers can be augmented to IVR in order to schedule or conduct an interview. The IVR can also conduct screening questions before the call is transferred to an interviewer, who can then transfer respondents back to the IVR to capture sensitive information or gather post-survey feedback.

The Benefits of Survox IVR for Researchers

Improve Response Rate

For smaller surveys, IVR-only methodology can be used. This saves your organization money while still providing you with the demographic reach that only phone offers. Further, IVR caters to your customer’s preference by providing a choice of engagement methods making it easier for them to respond.

Reduce Self-Selection Bias

When surveys rely on respondents themselves to take action, there is the risk that only the very happy or very unhappy will choose to respond. By following up transactions with proactive outreach via outbound dialing, researchers can target and collect responses from the audiences they seek.

IVR Powered by Survox

The Survox platform delivers all of the Survox IVR programming instructions. Because of this, when an inbound call is received, the Survox IVR can utilize Survox-Based logic. This logic offers:

  • Quota testing
  • Third-party database access
  • Remote mobile phone access
  • Custom messaging
  • Queuing to special groups
  • Appointment settings/callbacks
  • and more

Survox IVR Helps Collect Information While Saving you Money

When you choose the Survox IVR, you’ll have access to the tools you need to effectively obtain the data you need, while maximizing the efficiency and productivity of your operation. For more information on the Survox IVR, request your quote today!


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