Survox Dialer

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The Survox Dialer can provide your CATI operation with predictive outbound dialing that, when integrated with the Survox platform, provides enhanced sample management controls that will help you achieve quota objectives faster, easier, and more cost effectively.

Features of the Survox Dialer

Some of the features of the Survox Dialer include:

  • Three dialing modes – Predictive, Power, and Preview
  • The ability to transfer calls to a third party
  • Improved cell phone handling
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Whole and partial recording of calls
  • The ability to play pre-recorded sounds or responses recorded previously in the interview
  • Inbound/Outbound blending
  • Answering machine detection
  • Web-based management tools
  • Survox study servers
  • IVR prompt recording
  • Up to 400 CATI interviewers

With the Survox Dialer, you can:

  • Raise complete rates with our automated call-back answering system to identify and seamlessly transfer calls to the next available interviewer
  • Maximize responses from demographics reachable by cell phones
  • Monitor live dashboards across all loaded studies, projects, and campaigns via the Survox console to streamline operational control
  • Easily manage dialer configurations and set up, as well as access previous dialer recordings
  • Take advantage of IVR to screen, schedule, or conduct interviews, augmenting phone interviewers
  • Leverage streamlined phone study workflows, simplifying the set-up process, as well as management for users
  • Implement automated JavaScript processes and run more than 200 concurrent studies on the dialer
  • Monitor active interviewers using the Survox Console or via an external telephone line.
  • Quickly and easily scale your operations without the need for additional server hardware

With the Survox Dialer, you have access to powerful tools that allow you to conduct complex interviews and maximize the time of your interviewers, all while collecting data in one location for easy interpretation. If you’re interested in reducing costs while increasing efficiency, don’t delay—get your FREE quote today!


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