Survox Online Survey Software

A Powerful Tool for Online Respondent Targeting

Survox Online survey software provides scripting and survey design capability with the added benefit of precise sample and quota management.

When used as a part of the Survox Multi-mode Solution you have the flexibility to start with an online survey and quickly switch to voice-based data collection to achieve quota in the shortest possible time.

The open-platform technology allows API integration with analytics platforms, sample providers and CRM systems like Qualtrics, FocusVision and Salesforce to make your work easier.

If You Can Imagine It, You Can Create It

Survox Online survey software lets you design surveys that incorporate sophisticated logic, advanced skip patterns, multi-media files and multiple input modes. You’re not limited by volume, device type or language requirements either.

With Survox Online you can utilize web technologies like jquery and javascripts to incorporate visual data collection methods, like text highlighting, card sorts, and virtual shopping scenarios.

There’s also a powerful email platform to handle respondent recruitment, complete with ready-made templates, timed-delivery, unsubscribe lists and performance reporting.


Easily Manage Sample & Quota

The Survox Multi-Mode Platform delivers cross-mode quota control for multiple scenarios.  And, we’ll help you put your resources only on recruiting necessary completes.

With Survox you can monitor your results and adjust your sample and/or survey mode as needed to meet quota.

Operations Manager — provides a shop-wide view of study completion rates and the control to shift resources as needed.

Features of Survox Online Survey Software

  • Visual questions – A library of scripts are available to enable text highlighting, card sort, scales, dials and other types of visual data collection.
  • Data linkage ready – Connect your survey data with data from external sources – and automate the process.
  • Quality control – A library of javascript for use in verifying the quality of responses.
  • Fully customizable branding – Surveys can be tailored to fit your or your client’s brand.
  • Any-language support – All browser-supported languages are accommodated including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, German, Hindi etc.
  • Open to technology – Javascript, Jquery, Flash, AJAX and more.
  • Random Data Generator– RDG generates virtual data and to test that the programmed functionality executes as intended.
  • Choice of hosting options – Host your own online surveys or have Survox Client Services program and host online surveys for you

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Survox provides us with an excellent platform to undertake continuous global phone surveys. Hundreds of interviewers log on to our system from different countries and Survox allows them to perform excellent and high-quality work. … we now have an excellent mixed mode environment for any multi-lingual surveying needs.

Large International Consulting Firm