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Survox Multi-Mode Platform

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Survox’s multi-mode survey management platform provides a scalable solution for data collection and management. Whether online, on-phone, or through an IVR, Survox can reduce costs and help your organization achieve results for market research and opinion polling more efficiently than ever before.


The Survox platform is an open system designed to manage data collection operations across a host of vendors and solutions.

Survey Manager – controls the interview based on a questionnaire and logic authored in Survox or a variety of online vendor solutions.

Sample Manager – integrates with panel vendors or other sources, manages DNC lists, and optimizes the respondent recruitment process based on quota requirements and market specifications.

Interviewer Manager – gives shop supervisors the control needed to optimize staffing resources to deliver on business goals.

Operations Manager – provides a shop-wide view of study completion rates and the control to shift resources as needed.

Dialer Manager – provides instructions to the Survox Dialer or other dialing platforms to control abandonment rates and optimize use of interviewing capacity.

Survox Multi-Mode Solution

The latest Survox technology integrations support multi-mode data collection across the leading online survey platforms.  The cross platform, multi-mode capability is available as an upgrade for all existing Survox customers.  Learn more on the Survox Partner site.

The Survox Platform – Delivering Respondents Across All Modes

With the Survox Platform, you’ll have the ability to efficiently obtain the results you’re after – while saving money and maximizing the efficiency of your work force. Whether the survey is conducted online, over the phone, through IVR, or a combination of each, Survox helps you manage your data better than ever before.


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