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7 Dimensions of an Optimized IVR Survey

The Optimized IVR Survey can transform your CX research to enable faster collection of higher quality data. Our IVR experts can show you how.

Do you know how happy your customers are? Do you know what they’re thinking? IVR – automated phone interviews – can help you connect with your customers quickly and cost effectively. When you incorporate audio-recordings, you capture the True Voice of the Customer – a free flow of comments that conveys their genuine insights and emotions.

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You’ll receive a report showing how you can optimize the effectiveness of your current—or new—IVR research initiatives.

A leader in IVR technology and services, Survox will partner with you to:

1. Optimize your IVR Questionnaire

  • Suggest the most effective question types
  • Present your questions in the most effective order
  • Determine when to include screeners
  • Incorporate respondent-friendly rating systems
  • Advise on the optimum number of questions
  • Determine the optimum response list length for multiple choice
  • Implement multi-language choices based on best practices
  • Optimize the use of voice talent based on your target audience
  • Implement best practices for survey greeting and ending

2. Incorporate robust Voice of the Customer analysis via open-ended questions

  • Facilitate collection of customer audio recordings for use in client reports, management presentations, and process improvement programs
  • Support sound file management for further analysis, including
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Voice-to-text analytics

3. Seamlessly integrate data among enterprise systems

  • Automate collection of sample from these existing sources
    • Customer management: CRM, Help Desk, and POS transaction systems
    • HR systems
    • Insights platforms, including Qualtrics, MaritzCX, FocusVision-Decipher
    • Other data repositories
  • Vertical market examples:
    • Retail loyalty card purchases and follow up
    • Clinic/pharmacy/hospital visits
    • Online sales transactions for hospitality services. including hotel, travel, and entertainment
    • Banking, for both retail branch visits and service center transactions

4. Optimize quota setup and sample management for better coverage of service delivery points

  • Set quota targets by
    • Geography
    • Organizations
    • Individual agents
    • Time of day, month…
  • Manage respondent recruitment to systematically fulfill each quota

5. Achieve more representative respondents

  • Set quota by respondent types
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Ethnicity
    • Address
    • Education
  • Example Applications
    • Healthcare – by age, disease, clinic visited, healthcare provider
    • Retail – address, demographics purchase history, loyalty card use
  • Manage respondent recruitment to systematically fulfill each quota

6. Minimize respondent fatigue to yield higher response rates

  • Establish call rules to
    • Optimize times to target audience and phone types
    • Minimize sample use to guard against over-calling of sample, including
      • Frequency allowed
      • Distributed calling
    • Enable “Do Not Call” (DNC) handling

7. Maximize coverage to increase response volume and representativeness

  • Provide choice by enabling web and IVR as options
  • Recruit to IVR survey for under-quota segments, including seniors, rural, some socio-economic demographics
  • Remind respondents to take an online survey


Take your CX research to a new level and generate more insights faster by optimizing your IVR surveys.

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