IVR Helps Nat’l Pharmacy Chain CX Program

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Over 170,000 customers are managed monthly under the pharmacy chain’s seniors-focused program. A quality customer experience is critical to ensuring repeat business, positive branding and financial success.

To monitor quality of service delivery, this retailer implemented an outbound-driven automated phone survey (IVR) program to follow up with each customer who contacted a Customer Care Center for help with their prescription order. The automated IVR interview collects feedback on the agent who engaged with them as well as on the overall customer experience.
The feedback collected by the Survox IVR solution is then analyzed on the Qualtrics Insight Platform, along with the retailer’s CRM data in order to provide a comprehensive and actionable view of the customer experience.


  • Tracks and dynamically manages quotas for 8,000+ agents.
  • Completes 25,000 automated interviews per month, achieving a 13% engagement rate.
  • Standardizes feedback collection across the month and across each agent — every month.
  • Automates data transfers between Survox and Qualtrics platforms for contact records and responses.


The client’s customers are typically over 65 and many prefer to interact by phone.

The project’s size, complexity and scope of integration, across multiple systems and vendors, presented several challenges. Most notably, how to:

  • Dynamically add new agents and quota cells.
  • Optimize the respondent recruitment to spread responses across the month and across each agent or quota cell.
  • Store all responses into the Qualtrics Insights Platform for streamlined data analysis.
  • Manage a project that spanned multiple departments and involved many stakeholders.
  • Transition smoothly from former provider.
  • Make certain that the data collected daily meshes with other systems.
IVR Service Workflow

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SQualtrics Survox IVR customer QuoteOLUTIONS

The Survox solution enables the retailer to run the IVR program at optimal efficiency while leveraging the Qualtrics Insights Platform for analysis.
Survox set up a series of data and business management rules to:

  • Execute the researcher’s sample and design plan.
  • Maintain data integrity.
  • Support data integration with Qualtrics Insight platform and retailer’s CRM system.
  • Append customer metadata with the transaction.

Survox implemented a comprehensive project management plan to support:

  • Fast setup and execution with less rework.
  • Tight communication among all stakeholders.
  • Robust technical integration, development cycle, QA process and change management system.


Survox is a leading provider of phone survey automation solutions and a Qualtrics Innovation Exchange Partner.

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