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If an upcoming survey or client requirements includes IVR and you do not have that capacity in house, the Survox IVR Service offering will help you set up and manage an IVR survey project without having to invest in new technology or infrastructure.

Survox IVR – easily collect customer insights without the technical hurdles

The Survox IVR solution combines sophisticated software with professional services to make it easy for you to collect, integrate and make actionable CX response data from all channels. Use Survox IVR to:

  • Collect respondent feedback quickly and easily without requiring an interviewer
  • Pre-screen calls
  • Collect sensitive or private information
  • Gather feedback after speaking to a live call
  • Audio record customer comments, capturing their true insights and emotions
  • Document the complete customer journey experience from all touchpoints
  • Substantially reduce survey costs where IVR can be used to qualify whether respondents should be transferred to a live interviewer

Our experienced professional services team will partner with you to architect an efficient system that supports the smooth and seamless integration of customer data across all enterprise systems: insights platforms, CRM, Help Desk, Point of Sales transactions, data repositories.

With Survox IVR Services, there’s no programming on your part. You provide the survey and list, and we’ll do the rest.

Re-Think Multi-Mode: IVR + Web optimize your CX research by enabling you to collect more quality data faster

Survox multi-mode survey management platform enables you to easily add IVR as a data collection vehicle, transforming your CX research:

With Survox’s platform, IVR calls can draw on even the most complex logic, including:

  • Phone is accessible by all demographics—including seniors, rural and select socio-economic groups—and extends the reach of your web-based surveys.
  • Providing respondents with a choice of engagement modes that best meets their needs—IVR, web, or a combination—increases response rates.
  • Collecting representative data faster while minimizing the need for weighting speeds time to insights.

Achieve your mission critical Marketing and Customer Experience Goals

  • Measure the performance of multiple customer service centers
  • Document individual staff performance — to quickly reward great service or take corrective action if the work is subpar.
  • Reach targeted demographics and meet the most exacting quotas to generate more insights faster to help you:
    • Develop a richer and more dynamic view of your customers
    • Elevate customer service and satisfaction
    • Develop a successful product roadmap
    • Grow the lifetime value of the customer
    • Grow market share
    • Enhance brand value
    • Achieve market leadership

Survox IVR Applications

Inbound Survey

Offer choice of engagement with every customer follow-up. A retailer can, after a point-of-sale transaction, include at the bottom of the receipt an invitation with an 800# to an automated phone interview (IVR) AND a URL to a web survey to record the customer’s experience.

Outbound Survey

Take a proactive approach to measure customer satisfaction. After a point-of-sale transaction, a retailer can proactively survey a select demographic by using Survox IVR with dynamic quota management and respondent targeting, ensuring representative feedback.

Survey Transfer

How happy are your customers, really? With Survox IVR you can know for sure. At the end of a call, a service representative can transfer the customer to an IVR survey that measures the customer’s level of satisfaction and records their comments, capturing the customer’s true emotions and unique insights.


Multi-Platform Solution

Are you a Qualtrics, MaritzCX, or Kinesis user?  Data collected through a Survox IVR survey can be passed directly into an existing study on your current platform.  Learn more on the Survox Partner site.

Whatever the requirements of your survey, the Survox Services Team has the experience to manage it and the Survox platform provides the robust foundation needed to achieve results quickly and at a lower cost than with other solutions. Let Survox help you achieve the results you need with IVR. Call today for your FREE quote!


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