IVR in Call Centers

Easy-to-Manage Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Technology


Streamline workflows, improve operational efficiency, and capture incoming calls to engage and qualify respondents, all while achieving your quotas on budget in the shortest amount of time.

A range of options plus an easy-to-operate reporting system makes it possible to host entire surveys through IVR, or simply use IVR to collect a specific set of answers.


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Robust and Flexible

IVR provides project managers and call center owners with a huge amount of flexibility, from creating standalone surveys to capturing sensitive or qualifying information.

  • Optimize call center performance by managing and connecting callbacks
  • Screen, identify and forward screened calls to the next available interviewer
  • Transfer respondents to an automated voice survey when appropriate

Advanced Survey Logic

Survox IVR lets you execute advanced logic for quota attainment and sample management alongside integrated workflows.

  • Target and recruit respondents for entire surveys or as part of a multi-mode study.
  • Screen and transfer calls to a live interviewer.
  • Transfer calls from a live interviewer to an automated voice survey

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Being able to conduct IVR-only studies can help us grow our business because it’s an additional service that we can offer our customers. This capability makes our company more marketable and it keeps us on the cutting edge of technology for data collection. We can scale beyond our peak capacity of over 500 interviewers because we are not limited by the number of interviewers required to conduct a study.

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