Interviewer Productivity

Keep Projects on Time and on Budget


Interviewer productivity is key to keeping projects on time and on budget while achieving the required results.

The Survox Dialer and Survox Multi-Mode Platform were designed to give you the tools to help interviewers improve productivity and monitor their results.


Stay informed of How Your Operation is Performing

The Survox platform provides intuitive dashboards and custom reporting capability that alerts users to the need to adjust samples and take corrective action as well as prepare client-facing reports.

  • Dialing reports—, Individual interviewer productivity and connection rates
  • Call metrics— Start time, on-call time and total time on all calls
  • Live status reports— Quota completes, in-progress surveys (all modes)

Easily Manage Inbound and Outbound Calls

The Survox Dialer and Survox Multi-Mode Platform let you automate call handling by blend inbound calls with outbound calls to enable callbacks from respondents to be answered immediately.


  • Automation— Removes the need for dedicated staff to field inbound calls
  • Workflow— Handles respondent identification, routes call transfers, and manages “wait time” to trigger actions that maximize caller retention
  • IVR—Screens, schedules, or conducts interviews to maximize interviewing capacity

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Survox provides us with an excellent platform to undertake continuous global phone surveys. Hundreds of interviewers log on to our system from different countries and Survox allows them to perform excellent and high-quality work. … we now have an excellent mixed mode environment for any multi-lingual surveying needs.

Large International Consulting Firm