Voice Analytics

Voice Data Provides Deep Insights


Voice provides a natural and intuitive interaction, free of the limitations and distractions of physical input devices so that you get richer feedback.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) can easily and reliably convert unstructured verbal response into text to provide actionable data.

Using enumerative and descriptive analysis you can then “see” the results of your data collection from a unique perspective.

Hear What Your Customers are Really Thinking

  • Voice response removes the distraction of typing resulting in more natural and unfiltered responses.
  • Natural Language Processing can identify sentiment and intent from the words and phrases in your customers’ verbal responses that are not possible to capture with typed answers.
  • Response to a single open-ended question can collect more information in less time than a multi-question text survey and take less of your audience’s time.
  • Voice-based surveys delivered via phone give you the ability to survey hard to reach demographics—those with lower income, less education, those in rural areas, and those over 65 years old who are typically underrepresented in online surveys.

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Our expertise is in voice-based data collection and processing, leveraging the capability of IBM Watson technology.

We help organizations collect and analyze voice data. We make it possible to deliver personalized voice-based surveys that can be dynamically updated for each audience member with the individual’s transaction information, and then translate responses into text for near-real-time trend and sentiment analysis.

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Survox provides us with an excellent platform to undertake continuous global phone surveys. Hundreds of interviewers log on to our system from different countries and Survox allows them to perform excellent and high-quality work. … we now have an excellent mixed mode environment for any multi-lingual surveying needs.

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