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Many universities are already using online surveys to gather information from students, faculty, and alumni for various projects. However, because these are predominantly online, they may not always be able to recruit responses from the desired demographics, such as older alumni, which can cause the data collected to be inaccurate.

With Survox, it is easy to add phone-based methods where automated or live interviews are performed in order to connect with a more diverse sample base. Additionally, with so many of us now carrying smartphones—especially students—by adding a phone survey option Universities can truly capture the ‘voice’ of their customers.

When you choose Survox, the data collected from these surveys is placed in a single repository for easy analysis—even when using a mix of survey solutions.

How Survox Can Help University Researchers

Social Science Research

When collecting insight for public policy or healthcare studies, demographics matter. When you combine Survox Respondent Targeting with phone-based interviews, researchers are better able to connect with hard to reach segments of the population.

Course Evaluations

Course evaluations provide important information to administrators on which programs are working and which are not. By providing students with different ways to engage, universities will be able to collect more representative feedback.

The Survox platform enables a survey to be offered online or by phone. To take things even further, a survey can be designed to leverage both of these methods. For example, students can begin their survey online, and then be provided with a phone number to leave answers to more open ended questions, such as, “What else should we know about this course/instructor?”

Alumni and Fundraising Campaigns

Connecting with alumni is important for any university. Alumni are, often times, a university’s strongest advertisers and supporters, and ensuring they feel included is essential. Because many older alumni often prefer to offer their input via phone rather than online*, Survox provides the tools to build one survey and deploy it across multiple platforms.

  • Important donors may warrant a personal visit where a researcher can conduct an interview using a tablet and online survey.
  • High-potential donors may receive a phone interview conducted by a live, trained agent.
  • Recent grads and other alumni may be best served by an online survey.

With Survox, you can take advantage of different deployment methods to reach your target audiences in the way they prefer to be contacted, all while building one data set that can be easily analyzed. Get started today with your FREE quote.

* Pew Research Center Internet Study, January 12 2014 study shows that in the US 43% of persons over 65 do not have internet access. By using phone outreach, 75% more seniors can be addressed.


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