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The public is diverse, so you need diverse methods to reach them. Survox gives you the ability to connect citizens of all ages and demographics, making sure you’ll have the most accurate polling data possible and ensuring you meet the quotas you need.

Ensuring Fair Representation in Public Policy Matters

Decision makers want to hear from all constituents, especially on matters such as public policy. It is important to receive information from every demographic, and research has suggested that fielding online-only surveys risks bias from under representation of seniors and lower socio-economic segments of the population*. Survox can provide the tools needed to add a phone survey option, which can broaden the range of respondents and produce better insight for important policy decisions.

Adding a Phone Option Adds the Following Reach to Surveys:*

  • 15% overall
  • 75% more seniors (over 65)
  • 25% more rural, lower income, and lower education segments

Providing Early Insights in Political Polling

Elections are won and lost on demographic voting patterns. Because of this, it’s crucial that political polling be focused on collecting insights from a representative sample every time.

With Survox, you’ll never have to weight a poll, that’s because we help you to control the respondent targeting recruitment process. As a matter of fact, Survox enables call centers to deliver results from an exact replicate of a voter profile every night. This means candidates can be provided with timely insight into the mind of the electorate without having to wait for an entire study to be completed.

In the political arena, every second counts. With Survox, campaigns gain a competitive advantage by having access to accurate insights early in the cycle…helping candidates make the best decisions possible. Get your FREE quote now. 

*Pew Research Center’s Internet Study 2014



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