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Connect to All Demographics to Get the Most Accurate Polling Data Possible

It is important for decision maker and pollsters to collect information from every demographic on matters that impact policy and public office. Survox provides phone survey options to broaden the range of respondents to deliver more accurate insight.

“Research suggests that fielding online-only surveys risks bias from under representation of seniors and lower socio-economic segments of the population”.

*Pew Research Center’s Internet Study 2014

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Benefits of Phone Polling

Elections are won and lost on demographic voting patterns. Because of this, it’s crucial that political polling be focused on collecting insights from a representative sample every time.

  • Increased reach — +75% over 65; +25% rural, lower income, and lower education
  • Speed — Phone lets you quickly connect with the people who matter
  • Early Insights — collect representative information daily

Improve Your Polling Accuracy

With Survox, you can precisely control the respondent targeting recruitment process so you’ll never have to weight a poll.  Plus, you can deliver results from an exact replicate of a voter profile every night to provide candidates with insight into the mind of the electorate without waiting for the entire study to be completed.

Survox IVR

Automated voice response surveys for outbound and inbound surveys

Survox Phone

Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing for in-depth surveys

Survox Online

Fast and efficient online survey software for respondent targeting

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Survox delivers the power needed to complete the most nuanced research projects, and in ways which meet the demands of today’s more heavily regulated business environment.

Jeffrey Welch, President and COO, Zylun Insights