CATI Call Center Software

Advanced CATI Software to Optimize Survey Data Collection

Optimize your research call center operations with Survox’s Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software.

Survox gives you the tools to conduct surveys across channels to satisfy every client requirement. The software lets you collect and seamlessly integrate responses to CATI, IVR and online surveys into a single, consolidated data set.

Optimize Your Processes

  • Create Your Surveys —Create new questionnaires within the Survox console or leverage existing online surveys.
  • Target Respondents — Intelligently determine who should be recruited for your study. Survox optimizes the flow of numbers to be dialed to minimize the time to complete studies.
  • Monitor Progress — Real-time dashboards enable managers to precisely determine whether to adjust sample or interviewers to complete a study on time.
  • Make Adjustments Dynamically — Build operational workflows and optimize study results by managing sample and quota across modes—plus nurture call backs until an interviewer is available.
  • Take Advantage of Distributed Operations — Effectively manage a single call center or multiple sites from any location through the Survox Console.

The Right Solution for Every Need

Survox provides the right set of solution with everything you need to optimize productivity

Survox Phone

CATI for conducting in-depth surveys using live interviewers

Survox IVR


Survox Online

Fast and efficient online survey software for respondent targeting

Put Survox’s multi-mode solutions to work for you today.

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I have tried other packages from both a programming and interviewing standpoint and none of them closely match Survox’s power. The support staff is spectacular, pricing is reasonable, and the company as a whole knows market research better than any other software company.

B. Carson, Maximum Research