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Survox gives you the tools to automate your surveys, either by creating a questionnaire within the Survox console or by leveraging an existing online survey. Once finalized, the survey sample can be scrubbed against DNC lists, cell phones can be segregated, and special interviewing needs can be identified.

Survox is capable of handling even the most complex studies that require advanced logic and multi-level quotas, directly through the Survox console.

How Survox Shortens Time to Client Insight

Respondent Targeting
With the advanced Survox Sample Manager, you can intelligently determine who should be recruited next for your study. By monitoring quota attainment and understanding sample attributes and call center capacity, Survox balances all these needs and optimizes the flow of numbers to be dialed in order to reduce the time it takes to complete studies.

Operational reports
Real-time dashboards enable call center managers to determine when more samples are needed or if more interviewers should be added to complete a study on time.

Dynamically Adjusting Operations to Meet Your Business Needs

With the Survox multi-mode survey management platform, you can:

  • Build operational workflows across modes and dynamically tailor them to meet the needs of new studies
  • Optimize study results by managing Sample and Quota across online, IVR and phone interviewing
  • Use workflows to leverage IVR to screen and forward respondents
  • Manage call backs to ensure calls are nurtured until an interviewer is available

With our Mixed Vendor platform, call centers can design workflows across an assortment of vendor solutions. This platform includes:

  • Online surveys that can be used as the call center script
  • Automated sample and panel feeds that can pull records from sample providers, survey solutions, and client sources such as CRM or POS systems
  • Dialers that can execute Survox instructions in a variety of platforms
    The ability to ‘bring-your-own’ telco or use ours

Survox Supports Both Centralized and Distributed Deployment Strategies

This means that your business can be based out of a single call center or multiple sites and still be managed effectively. Additionally, remote interviewers or subcontracted call center partners can easily be added or removed as needs dictate.

Survox: Maximizing Profit, Maximizing Productivity

With Survox, you’ll get the best ROI for each interviewer by ensuring their time is only being used on what the study needs for completion. Wait times are minimized, and IVR systems are used to nurture call backs and pre-screen against quota needs.

Survox’s intelligent sample management system minimizes overages by never dialing more numbers than your study requires. It also provides managers with real-time information and the controls needed to deliver against cost and time constraints.

Don’t wait any longer to gain invaluable insights into your customers. Find out how Survox can help by requesting your FREE quote now!


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