Phone Surveying for Educational Research

Phone Survey Solutions for Educational Research

Research Study Data Collection

Student, Faculty & Alumni Feedback

Survox multi-mode capability allows researchers to augment and integrate phone surveys with online surveys to enrich data collected from all types of research studies.

Survox IVR and CATI phone survey solutions let you connect with precisely targeted respondents for studies the require in-depth interviews or target specific audiences that may be hard to reach with online surveys.

The open-platform technology integrates with online survey platforms like Qualtrics to easily manage surveys and respondent data using a single platform.

How Survox Enables Researchers


Survox lets you connect with hard-to-reach demographics, conduct lengthy surveys and collect detailed information that can be difficult or impossible using online surveys alone.

Verbal responses can be automatically translated to text for deep analysis and combined with other research data in a single data repository.


HEALTH/HUMAN SERVICES/MARKET RESEARCH — Multi-mode surveys using both phone and online, make it possible to get representative feedback from all audiences.

COURSE EVALUATIONS — Providing students with different ways to engage collects more representative feedback.

ALUMNI AND FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGNS — High net-worth and many older alumni are better served by a more personal touch provided by phone surveys.

DATA ANALYSIS — Integration with Qualtrics enables all data collected from all modes to be analyzed in one dataset.

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Incorporates IBM Watson technology to deliver personalized surveys and translate responses into text for quantitative and qualitative analysis.


Integrates with Qualtrics to add phone surveys to any study to deliver fast, accurate insights from a precisely targeted set of respondents.

Benefits of Phone Surveying


Survox’s robust IVR and CATI survey solutions enble educational researchers to target the exact respondents needed to complete studies for even hard-to-reach audiences quickly and easily.

  • Use a single survey for multiple response modes.
  • Increase the speed and quality of research data collection.
  • Combine all survey research data in a single data repository.
  • Connect with technology challenged audiences.
  • Ideal for health and human services studies targeting diverse and older audiences.
  • Use open ended questions to collect qualitative feedback.

Multiple Ways to Get the Data You Need

Survox IVR

Interactive voice response surveys for outbound and inbound surveys

Survox Phone

Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing for in-depth surveys

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Because the survey was in a computerized system, we were able to incorporate range checks so that interviewers could identify data entry errors or implausible values at the time of the interview. This capability leads to more accurate data,

Patricia Moorman, Ph.D.