Customer Experience & Insight

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Do you know how happy your customers are?  Are you following ALL of your customers through their journey with your brand?

By using Survox to gather data about how customers feel about new products, services and your brand, it is easier than ever to gather the opinions and insights of the people who matter most to your business.

Customer Experience Management and Voice of the Customer Programs

Whether your customer just interacted with a sales agent, visited a store, or called in with a support issue, you want to ensure that the customer had a good experience and will come again or recommend your product. In fact, many businesses regularly survey their customers after a visit to a store, call to a help desk, purchase of a product, or use of a service.

Often, this effort will include both a toll free number and a survey URL printed on a receipt, or included in a follow-up email after a customer has engaged. The entire customer survey process can be managed with Survox technology.

Here are just a few ways enterprises use Survox’s robust suite of tools:

Business Customer Experience Research Design Who’s on the Phone Resources
National Retail Franchise Loyalty card holder store visit 5000 stores
100 surveys per customer service agent per store each month
Automated interview (IVR) setup & managed by Survox Services IVR Helps Nat’l Pharmacy Chain CX Program
National Home Improvement Supplier 3rd party contractor installs in the home the Merchandise purchased in the store Considered a core business process
Goal is near 100% coverage
Live interviewers in a company owned call center powered by Survox Global Retailer Gleans Insights from Over 30,000 Customers Daily
Home Extermination Service Scheduled in-home service delivered by an employee Target customer list provided monthly to 3rd party call center; manage
quota by region
Live interviewers, using a Qualtrics web survey, in a 3rd party call center powered by Survox Phone for Qualtrics Users
Bank Service Center Customer calls into a service center with an issue or request All calls are transferred to the open IVR survey; no quota requirement Automated interview (IVR) setup & managed by Survox Services feeding data into the online survey platform Debunking 5 Myths About IVR

Most businesses want to know how they are servicing all of their customers across all channels: by region, store, and all customer service providers. Survox’s advanced respondent targeting capabilities will help you achieve these goals.

When you need to make sure that you have collected representative feedback, then an outbound recruitment method must be considered.

Easy to Collect and Manage Customer Survey Data


Survox offers multiple interviewing modes that can be used to target different customer or employee segments based on the type of information your business is looking to collect. With Survox, you can choose from a range of question types to appeal to and engage the target audience.

Similarly, you have the flexibility to choose from a number of different modes of recruitment and data collection including IVR, phone and web surveys, or any combination of the three. Regardless of the survey design or the mode, all the collected information will be compiled into one data set that can be easily analyzed across respondent types and collection modes.

Let Survox provide you with the tools needed to maintain a happy, loyal customer base and productive workforce. Get your FREE quote today!


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