Voice of the Customer


National Healthcare Provider Improves CX with IVR

When a nation-wide healthcare provider of Medicaid and specialty services needed to gather more customer experience feedback on their member interaction with their service providers, they contacted Survox.   The key challenges for increasing customer feedback were timing and reach. For this application and the demographic the company needed to survey, Survox’s automated interactive voice… Read More»

Customer Experience - Customer Emotion

What Component Of Customer Experience Has The Largest Impact On Loyalty?

2016 is the year of emotion in customer experience, according to Bruce Temkin, customer CX thought leader and managing partner, Temkin Group. In his latest study on customer CX trends, Temkin writes: “Our research shows that emotion is the component of customer experience that has the largest impact on loyalty.” Lauren Kindzierski, VP of solutions… Read More»

Survox for FocusVision

Survox IVR for FocusVision Launches New Multi-Mode Partnership

Survox IVR for FocusVision is a multi-mode solution that enables marketers and insights leaders to easily add automated phone interviewing to any online study. The Survox IVR for FocusVision service allows customers to voice their opinions and researchers to hear their feedback – while maintaining and analyzing all the data within the FocusVision platform. Unencumbered by technology… Read More»

IVR Survey Respondent

Do You Know the 7 Dimensions of an Optimized IVR Survey?

Do you know how happy your customers are? Do you know what they’re thinking? Are you capturing their insights to help elevate the customer experience? IVR – automated phone interviews – can help you connect with your customers quickly and cost effectively. When you incorporate audio-recordings, you capture the True Voice of the Customer – a… Read More»

Phone and IVR for Research and CX

Survox IVR Helps National Pharmacy Chain Reach 170,000+ Customers Monthly to Improve CX Experience

  Exceeding customer expectations, creating exceptional products, delivering highly relevant personalized experiences at every touch point—this is the new baseline for today’s marketers and customer experience professionals. A quality customer experience is critical to ensuring repeat business, positive branding and financial success. Automated phone surveys utilizing IVR technology can be an essential tool in reaching… Read More»

Reduce Respondent Fatigue and Improve Response Rates

How to Reduce Respondent Fatigue and Improve Response Rates

“It starts with offering what people expect today: choice, convenience and a positive experience.”   I don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I say that taking surveys is probably not on most people’s bucket list for life achievements. Nonetheless, as a career market researcher, I find today’s diminishing response rates and overall… Read More»

Overcoming Respondent Fatigue and Low Response Rates

MaritzCX just concluded CXFusion 2016, a terrific conference on customer experience best practices. This conference was brimming with CX practitioners drawn to the topics and the opportunity to network with others on what MaritzCX terms the “CX Evolution” journey. R. Ray Wang, a keynote speaker, observed that the average tenure of a Fortune 500 company… Read More»

What’s New in Digital Marketing May Surprise You → Voice

In the age of IOT and Big Data, the new edge for CXM and WFM is Voice.  Survox is working hard to ‘democratize’ voice-based research to help decision makers get fast, representative input for rapid, quality insights. Capturing the True ‘Voice’ of the Customer Today’s CMO is interested in an integrated, 360˚ view of the… Read More»


Through our technology partnerships, Survox delivers the ultimate multi-mode survey management solution. This solution combines Survox’s Respondent Targeting and Phone Survey automation with partner technology—delivering flexible, multi-mode options for survey research. With Survox multi-mode solutions, your organization will have complete control over your research design, allowing you to collect the data you need quickly and… Read More»


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