Political Polling

Eat In | Dine Out. How do dining options relate to survey research?

What does a good customer experience mean to you? Perhaps tonight you want to enjoy a dinner from that sensational new chef at your neighborhood restaurant. After reviewing a variety of options on the menu, you pick out a delectable meal but then remember that you’re expecting a call soon and need to be home. No problem. This special treat is packaged up, brought home, and now you can enjoy it whenever you are ready. Let’s look at this experience and how it applies to multi-mode data collection.

The Economics of Cell Phone Dialing

MRA’s Alert! Magazine recently published an article by Mary McDougall, CEO, CFMC, entitled Compliance and the True Cost of Cellphone Dialing. TCPA compliance affects every researcher because cell phone usage is increasing dramatically, with more than40 percent of households now cell phone only. Moreover, certain demographics can only be reached via cell phones.

Confessions of a Stressed-Out Predictive Dialer

If predictive dialers could express their true feelings (instead of letting IVR do all of the talking for them), they’d probably want to discuss their demanding role and the unrelenting need to meet high expectations 24×7. So, for the next few minutes, let’s go inside the mind of Sam, a predictive dialer, who wants to share some of his deepest concerns and how you can help. Here’s what he might tell you:


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