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A New Day for the TCPA?

If you field or sponsor phone-based research studies to gauge customer satisfaction, customer experience (CX), or voter sentiment in the US, you already know that complying with the Telephone Consumer Protections Act (TCPA) of 1993 impacts efficiency and effectiveness. Among the many components of the TCPA, the act states that “an automatic telephone dialing system… Read More»

Health Care Provider

What do Healthcare and Politics have in Common?

November 1 marked the first day of the open enrollment period for citizens to sign up for a government-backed healthcare plan – only a few days before the November 8 elections. What does health care and Public Policy have in common – consumers! Consumers of these services represent nearly all ages, demographics, and socio-economic levels.… Read More»

Survox NorthWest MRA TCPA Webinar

TCPA Panel Discussion Among NorthWest MRA Conference Highlights

The high points of the recent 2016 NorthWest MRA Education Conference included a panel discussion and webinar addressing latest legal and legislative news and implications of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Panelists shared insights and best practices to achieve compliance and safeguard their businesses from lawsuits. To learn more about TCPA and what’s happening… Read More»

Telephone Polls Up a Creek?

The Future of Telephone Polling – that’s the “MAGIC 8 BALL” question David Dutwin, Chief Methodologist for SSRS, answers in an interview with THE POLLSTERS. He references some cutting-edge research that is so new it is not yet in print…but will be soon in AAPOR’s Public Opinion Quarterly. Learn what David’s research shows about… Projected Life Expectancy… Read More»

Poll Fast, Poll Smart in the 24/7 News Cycle

There’s been no shortage of comments and columns lamenting recent polling fiascos. Whether talking about the U.S. presidential primaries or last year’s UK elections, failures in accurately predicting outcomes share a common theme: pollsters did not survey representative samples. It’s not surprising. Pollsters today face a voracious 24/7 news cycle that demands you do more,… Read More»

TCPA and the Inaccuracies of Today’s Polls

Guest Blogger Dave Harwood A former Vice President of Information Technology and 35-year veteran of Maritz Research, Dave Harwood was responsible for the technology in all their call centers. Dave shares his unique perspective on how the court’s recent interpretation of the Telecommunication Protection Act, (TCPA), has  affected the accuracy and economics of polling. I… Read More»

Why Sanders’ Upset Win in Michigan Is The New Normal

The 2016 Primaries are setting records for surprises and miscalculations-the latest being Bernie Sanders’ astonishing win over Hillary Clinton in Michigan, 50 percent to 48 percent. Harry Enten, Senior Political Writer, for FiveThirtyEight, wrote, “not a single poll taken over the last month had Clinton leading by less than 5 percentage points. In fact, many… Read More»


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