June 13, 2017

Survox Now Integrates with SurveyGizmo for Seamless Mixed-mode Survey Deployment

Survox API integration with the SurveyGizmo data insights platform adds voice-based survey solutions to the researchers’ toolkit.  The integration gives SurveyGizmo users a greater selection of interviewing methodologies to optimally design their Customer Experience Management (CXM) programs and collect representative feedback quickly to inform timely decision-making.  The integration enables SurveyGizmo users to conduct online, automated (IVR) or interviewer-led (CATI) phone surveys, and then harness extensive analysis and reporting functionalities within SurveyGizmo.

The Survox and SurveyGizmo integration streamlines workflows and removes technical obstacles to multi-channel data collection. Brand researchers can design a single survey for both web and voice-based delivery and then leverage Survox Services for fully automated voice surveys (IVR) or any of the Survox-equipped research call centers to conduct interviewer-led surveys (CATI) surveys and have the data populated into SurveyGizmo. The new voice-based data collection methods make it possible to capture the true “Voice-of-the-Customer”, and analyze the response for sentiment and to augment reports.

Phone contact remains the best way to connect with hard-to reach audiences, seniors and select other demographics. One survey with multiple collection methods makes it possible to reach a broad audience and feed the response into a single data repository for a more in-depth view of the customer experience. Multi-channel data collection increases overall response and minimizes the need for weighting so results can be analyzed more quickly, giving decision makers needed insights faster.

Find out more about Survox for Survey Gizmo on our partner page.

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