February 14, 2017

I Give My Heart to Survey Software

Without you, I couldn’t get a pulse on what people think.
The phones would be hung up as fast as you can blink.

My research insights could become erratic and weak.
And, it would be difficult to get the right respondent to speak.

How could I ever meet a quota of 100 men with 3 adorable dogs.
Who live in Wisconsin on a farm with 10 hogs?

Or women in San Diego who just purchased a QLED TV.
Who all have red hair, live in a condo, and sail the sea?

How could I possibly get full sample control?
Oh, without you my work would be difficult and droll.

You make it possible to do CATI interviews from any location.
And quickly get the demographics I need from across the nation.

Working with a predicable dialer makes my job just so much better.
No wonder I feel compelled to write you this letter.

I think of integration with IVR, oh – that is so sweet.
Combined with call blending, my life is now complete!

And the way you relate to multi-mode is oh so nice,
I can jump from the web, to the phone, and to any device.

I’m more productive and love my work, thanks to you.
So, Happy Valentine’s Day, for all that you do.

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