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Grow Your Business With Survox IVR Services

What could be better? A new high-profile project with immediate and potential long-term revenue opportunities.

There’s a slight catch however; it requires an infrastructure and staff expertise that can design, implement and manage an IVR project – resources that you lack in-house.

No problem! Survox Professional Solutions can partner with your business and serve as an extension to your IT team. All you need is Survox software and dialer (or fully outsource your IVR to us) and we’ll take care of all the heavy lifting:

  • Programming
  • Data Collection
  • Custom Integration
  • Voice Recording

Add an hour of training and you’ll have a fully customized IVR solution up and running.

Grow Your Business Beyond What You Thought Possible

Survox Professional Solutions provides your business with the technology and expertise needed to respond competitively to an RFP that you might not have otherwise considered. Now you can grow your business – easily and quickly – without expanding your overhead!

Recently, Survox Professional Solutions helped a client implement a CATI Recruit to IVR Hosted service solution-a completely customized data collection system. An out-bound IVR effort, the program required a two-step calling process:

  1. Agent calls recruit to request their participation in a survey
  2. If recruit agrees to take the survey, the agent then “hot” transfers the recruit to the IVR system to complete the survey

Data collected by the agent and the IVR survey is stored in a single data repository, creating one data record. The result: a true and seamless multi-mode solution between CATI and IVR.

More importantly, custom engineering by Survox Professional Solutions enabled the client to respond to a proposal and compete for business that previously they would have had to turn down.

Make The Demand For IVR Surveys Work For Your Business

Market researchers, CX Insights professionals and public opinion pollsters are finding IVR (automated phone surveys) to be an essential tool in reaching out to customers to gain the crucial insights needed to develop and deliver incredible products and exceptional service.

Survox’s IVR as a Service hosted solution can help you profit from this wave of demand without having to initially invest in new infrastructure and talent.

To learn how Professional Services can support your IVR projects and increase your business opportunities, contact Dan Rangel, Survox Director of Research Solutions.

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