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Zylun Insights Adds Phone Cost Effectively While Optimizing Operational Productivity

Call Center Staff

Since all call centers require specialized technology to run effectively, adding phone interviewing can introduce technical hurdles for researchers. Or does it?

Zylun Insights, a consumer insights corporation, operates highly sophisticated call centers in Rexburg, Idaho. With the Survox for Qualtrics integration solution, Zylun maintains optimal operational productivity while leveraging Qualtrics survey and panel and delivering responses into the Qualtrics platform. Zylun is able to hold down costs and shorten the data collection period by no longer having to re-create the survey and by eliminating the steps to merge online and phone responses.

In addition, the Survox for Qualtrics integration solution enables Zylun to:

  • Efficiently manage quota across multiple platforms and modes
  • Preserve data quality and consistency in data collection
  • Offer a true multi-mode, mixed-vendor solution for best-of-breed survey authoring, phone-based collection, and analysis
  • Optimize respondent targeting to deliver faster insights
  • More effectively handle projects that are quota intensive and require extremely comprehensive sample management capabilities

When Quota, Data Quality, Managing Costs Matter

The Survox solution for Qualtrics frees researchers to design their data collection strategies in whatever method best fits their research needs.

Zylun President and COO Jeff Welch explains that, “the multi-mode capabilities of the Survox Platform and sophistication with quota management ensures you complete only the required surveys while meeting quota and maintaining data quality.” The Survox Platform has allowed Zylun Insights to achieve the following successes:

  • Streamlined process leverages one survey across multiple channels to create a single data set for easy cross-mode analysis and faster insights
  • Automated integration of data between Qualtrics and Zylun files ensures data integrity
  • Quota synchronization across both online and phone data collection minimizes costs to meet study goals
  • Time required to field the overall project is significantly reduced
  • Critical outcomes can be viewed in real-time, promoting faster and more informed decision-making

Faster Insights Without Weighting

The Survox solution for Qualtrics continues Survox’s mission to drive down costs and remove obstacles for businesses taking a multi-channel approach to research design. One survey with several collection methods and one response repository increases the response rate and provides a more in-depth view of the customer experience. With less need for weighting, results can be analyzed more quickly, giving decision makers needed insights faster.

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