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Poll Fast, Poll Smart in the 24/7 News Cycle

There’s been no shortage of comments and columns lamenting recent polling fiascos. Whether talking about the U.S. presidential primaries or last year’s UK elections, failures in accurately predicting outcomes share a common theme: pollsters did not survey representative samples.

It’s not surprising. Pollsters today face a voracious 24/7 news cycle that demands you do more, faster. So how do you poll faster without compromising accuracy?




Master Quota: Faster + Smarter

Survox has an answer to this industry conundrum. Our Master Quota solution enables you to successfully manage multiple data collection processes with one shared quota to optimize sample usage. For example,  with Master Quota you can easily support TCPA designs by splitting landline and wireless samples.

By running mobile and landline studies at the same time, you ensure consistent and accurate results: e.g. collecting all data  within 24 hours after a debate. And by meeting quota, you avoid weighting the results, improving quality and speeding time-to-insights.

When Quota Matters

Aside from controlling against mobile versus landline, Master Quota enables you to perform:

Cross Cutting Quotas — target different age groups or a specific number of females or males.
Nested Quotas – target subpopulations within a group.
Computed Variables – talk to “x’ number of people with shared characteristics.

Master Quota enables opinion researchers to get the data they need, when they need it. As this primary season has proven time and time again, quota matters.

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