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Survox Presentation at PAPOR on Evaluating Polling Accuracy

If you’re attending the 2015 PAPOR Mini Conference at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California, on Friday, June 26, don’t miss the session by Mary McDougall, CEO, Survox, where she will discuss Speed Learning from the AAPOR 2015 Evaluating Polling Accuracy Panel.

In her presentation, from 10:10 a.m. to 10:45 a.m., she’ll provide an overview of the panel she moderated at the AAPOR event.

Her summary will include an overview of the following topics:

  • Evaluation of Mid-Term Election Polling in Georgia
  • Sources of Error in the 2014 Midterm Pre-Election Polls
  • What Happened in North Carolina? The 2014 Elections through the Lens of the High Point University Poll
  • Judging the Accuracy of Public Opinion Polls in Referendums
  • Measurements and Determinants of Polling Accuracy: Comparing Measures of Accuracy and Assessing Effects of Polling Practices
  • Evaluation of Methods for Polling Third-Party Candidates

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