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Newest Survox IVR Solution Reduces Costs and Improves Call Center Efficiency

Venture Data Case Study: Newest Survox IVR Solution Reduces Costs and Improves Call Center Operational Efficiency

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“Our clients appreciated the significant cost savings of using IVR from CFMC and they were very happy with the results. With v.8.8, it is very easy to program an IVR study or convert a phone interviewing study into an IVR study.” —  Frank Barney, Partner/IT Director, Venture Data

Venture Data, based in Salt Lake City, is a survey research company that gathers the opinions of both consumers and voters. The company leverages IVR-only studies for opinion polling and has been very satisfied with the results.
“We recently conducted 400 interviews in two days on two studies that were exclusively done by IVR, saving our clients the labor costs associated with interviewers,” said Barney. “That equates to about 60 to 65 percent of the cost of the study.”

Barney also ran a comparative test using a study with live interviewers only and an IVR–only study. Although there were some minor differences, they were not significant. What was important, however, was the savings in the cost of the IVR-only study. The difference in the costs far outweighed the advantages of using live interviewers for this particular project.

“Being able to conduct IVR-only studies can help us grow our business because it’s an additional service that we can offer our customers,” he said. “This capability makes our company more marketable and it keeps us on the cutting edge of technology for data collection. We can scale beyond our peak capacity of over 500 interviewers because we are not limited by the number of interviewers required to conduct a study.”
Key Benefits of IVR Data Collection

  • IVR-only data collection offers a potential savings of 60% to 65% for research clients
  • Enables research companies to grow business by scaling beyond the number of interviewers available
  • Provides the flexibility to mix IVR and live interviewing
  • Is easy to program
  • Offers a low-cost option for voter opinion research

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How IVR Offers Flexibility with Voter Opinion Research

You can use IVR-only surveys for market research but Venture Data also found this approach to be particularly effective for voter opinion polling because many voter surveys are very brief. “Our IVR-based voter polling survey had 13 questions, which is typical for a political poll,” he said. “With a short question-and-answer set and the ability to call the participant back for more details, we found an excellent opportunity for IVR-only data collection by using the Survox® Dialer and Survent® platform.”

Survox® IVR also gives you the option to conduct a portion of the survey by combining IVR with live phone interviewing. For example, you could use IVR to screen callers for in-depth phone interviewing and then move to a live interviewer. In addition, you can use IVR to get respondent feedback on more sensitive questions that wouldn’t lend themselves to using a live interviewer.

Easy to Program

If you are already using CFMC Survox solutions for phone interviewing, then making the leap to IVR has a very low learning curve with this release, according to Barney. “It was easy for me take what I had done for live interviewing studies and convert it to an IVR study, and I personally do not program that many phone studies,” he said. “When you program a study for IVR, there are a few more instructions to use but it does not add much work to your programming time. The process of creating the questions was the mostly the same as with CATI surveys. Incorporating the recordings for the question-and-answer set was very simple.”

Venture Data is a survey research company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company operates call centers in Oregon, Utah, and Ohio. Venture Data is committed to providing its clients with accurate consumer and voter opinion data. The company uses industry-standard scientific methodologies and practices for telephone-based survey research to collect opinion data. Visit

CFMC Survox® multi-mode data collection solutions and services empower market research and opinion polling organizations to field studies with precise quota requirements, incorporate complex survey designs, and meet time-sensitive data collection processes. The Survent® platform enables sample management, survey programming, survey execution, operational reporting and client data preparation across a mix of data collection modes — phone, web, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), mobile and heterogeneous vendor solutions. Our integrated predictive dialer and IVR capabilities empower users to build highly flexible operations that cater to respondent preferences while ensuring project completion in the shortest time and optimal cost. More details are available at

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