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Survox software and services help customer insights and market research professionals, call center managers, and opinion pollsters collect more quality data faster.

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Surveying Seniors
Surveying Seniors

Tips for Surveying an Aging Population

The “over 65 years of age” bracket is one of the fastest growing demographic segments in the country and will be for some time. And while health care is a big spend category for this audience, their contribution also affects many other sectors of the economy. Seniors are and will be, important customers for businesses of… Read More»

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Survox provides a robust suite of multi-mode software and services enabling market researchers, call centers and public opinion scientists to survey the customers, employees and constituencies they need to hear from. We enable market research and opinion polling organizations to reach exactly the respondents needed to fill quotas quickly and cost effectively.

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Our focus is on delivering early, accurate insights “When Quota Matters” and our survey solutions and services ensure that whatever your requirements, you will get the results you need.

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